The business environment in India has evolved hugely in last few years, and there is no denying that there is immense scope for businesses and entrepreneurs. Sadly, many potential entrepreneurs don’t have the  right information or detailed support that’s needed to initiate their business.



Global Consultancy Firm was formed to offer the most incredible solutions to businesses in India. We are one of the leading private firms in the country, promising to offer unparalleled help and advice on a number of elements that concern the current-day businesses and companies.



We intend to create an atmosphere, which will encourage business in the country. With the extensive background of our chairman, Mr Deb Chaterjee, we have created a team that’s has upfront information on the market and the elements that rule the system. While we are already offering expert services in industries like Dairy, Food and Beverage, Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL), Plastic, Plywood, Packaged drinking water, Spices and Packaging, we intend to increase and magnify the scope in years to come.


The edge with Global Consultancy Firm!

In a very short time, Global Consultancy Firm has managed to reach new heights in the world of consultancy services, and we promise to only move upwards from here. We have worked hard on putting a team that leads the clients, and we have also partnered with leading business teams to offer more dedicated services. No matter whether you are looking for a business report or need assistance with setting a factory, we have the right support to limit the hassles and make the process as smooth as possible. We also main liaisons with many top notch firms and industry insiders, to offer competition info, competitor analysis, brand search and much more! We also have a complete in-house team that works with licenses and finances, which often are major roadblocks for many companies.


We invite more businesses and entrepreneurs to join us in the empowerment of the business world. If you have a plan, we can ensure that the action is easier than ever!