Initiating the first few steps for your business can be crucial to your success! At Global Consultancy Firm, we work with entrepreneurs and budding industrialists for their initial steps in the business and industry. We have been working for years, and our team consists of professionals, who can identify the essential needs of your industry and business plan to find the right kind of brands. So, what's Brand Search for Production is all about?


It’s your dream we conquer!

India has emerged to be among the fastest growing economy in the world, which has hugely impacted the business world internally in a big way. Today, finding investment to start your business can be easier than ever, and we even have a special in-house team that would take care of all the initial steps with a detailed market understanding.


At Global Consultancy Firm, our aim is to offer you the best choice of brands, at both national and international levels to offer the most incredible assistance for getting started. We have maintained our liaison with some of the biggest brands in a number of leading and profitable sectors, including

 ✓ Dairy

 ✓ Food and Beverage

 ✓ Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL)

 ✓ Plastic

 ✓ Plywood

 ✓ Packaged drinking water

 ✓ Spices

 ✓ Packaging


What our team offers?

Global Consultancy Firm intends to offer the best choices for brand selection for all kinds of businesses across varied types of industries. With our deep market associations with leading brands, we bring you the best options, catering to your business ideas.


✦ Great assistance on primary business plans

✦ Dedicated brand search campaigns

✦ Researched reports on market value and growth projections

✦ Assistance on all initial steps for industry selection

✦ On-going support at all levels


We have worked with companies and business for years, which adds immense expertise and value to our services. If you have questions, please feel free to write to us. The initial meeting with us is always free of any charges!

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