Congratulations on finally having a concrete business plan and project in place! At Global Consultancy Firm, we take the pleasure of empowering business with smooth operations, and that’s the precise reason why have a separate and dedicated team working with Licenses & Registrations for our clients.


More support for your every business related step!

Most entrepreneurs and newbie business owners are clueless about getting licenses and completing all the legal formalities that are essential to jump start the business operations. It is more than mandatory to complete and have all the Licenses & Registrations in place before commencing the business. This is precisely where our team pitches in!


We understand that you are an entrant in the industry and may not have the required time to devote to the lengthy processes of filing and getting registration numbers and licenses. Sadly, these procedures can take time in India, which can further delay your business initialization.


We intend to offer the best possible assistance for completing all formalities for licenses and registration in the least time. Our team consists of professionals, who take care of the paperwork and ensure that the documentation and further processing can be completed without losing a day. We have worked in a number of industries, including Diary, food and beverage, packaging, packaged drinking water, bio energy and plastic, offering dedicated assistance to our clients.


The advantage with Global Consultancy Firm!

With Global Consultancy Firm, you can expect more than just paperwork. We have our connections within the industry and try our best to complete most of the procedural formalities in the least possible time. Here’s a quick check of what to expect from our team.

Initial consultation on required licenses

✓ Explaining the varied industry norms and required registrations

✓ Preparing documentations, paperwork

✓ Offering assistance on submissions

✓ Obtaining licenses from required departments/source


We have been successful in assistance our incredible clients, and we would be more than happy to offer references. Call us today!

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