Numerous entrepreneurs and potential industrialists are beaming with ideas, but more often than not, they don’t have the dedicated research to back the ideas. That’s precisely where Global Consultancy Firm wants to offer its expertise!


Think you have a business idea? We can help you in making dedicated project report for the entire business plan, with a team of trusted and experienced marketing experts at work.


In the last few years, we have worked across industries like,

• Dairy

• Food and Beverage

• Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL)

• Plastic

• Plywood

• Packaged drinking water

• Spices

• Packaging

Our motto is to help and assist new and budding businesses in operating better in the complex business environment, and that’s precisely what we have done in the last few years of our work in the field. Global Consultancy Firm intends to be the all-in-all resource point for new businesses, offering chances for entrepreneurs and business owners the best possible assistance.


We have worked with clients on a number of projects, many of which had tricky business detailing and industry requirements. Our expert team knows the essential needs of our clients across speckled branches and industries, which is why we have appointed the best industry experts and work in association with leading marketing specialists.

✓ What to expect with us?

✓ Detailed project reports

✓ Industry information

✓ Competition analysis

✓ On-going support for every project

✓ Further help on financing

✓ Setup assistance

✓ Market understanding

✓ Constant feedback


With Global Consultancy Firm, you are always a step ahead of the league, as we empower and offer you all the essential assistance, information and detailed reports for your business. We also believe in keeping a keen eye on the market for all the other elements, which demand attention. As needed, we also assist clients with licenses, registrations and much more.


If you are looking for assistance and want to get more value for your business plans, feel free to write to us. We are always available for the first consultation for no charge!

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